Print Type

TruLife Acrylic Glass Print ChromaLuxe Metal Print
Color Epson premium gloss paper and HP high-gamut archival inkjet Inkjet sublimation transfer with standard color gamut
Longevity Archive paper, UV-filtering glass Strong permanence due to the ink embedded into the surface
Abrasion resistance High High
Reflectivity Low (<1.5% reflection) Matte, Semi-gloss, Gloss options
Resolution Super-great (300 dpi) Great (150 dpi)
Static buildup Static-free (no debris buildup on face) Static will accumulate dust/debris over time
Heat/H20 great for indoor environments Resists heat and moisture
Clean Soap and water w/ microfiber Soap and water w/ microfiber
Hang Rear aluminum frame + cleat Rear aluminum frame + cleat
Price $$$ $$