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I’m obsessed with expansive, colorful scenes full of detail and drama. I enjoy finding rare alignments but also new takes on scenes frequently shot. In each photo is a reason for the viewer to look deeper for more details and connect to the moment I experienced while shooting it.

While a photograph might be worth a thousand words, printing a very-high resolution photograph built from dozens or even hundreds of photographs can create a novel. This advanced technique of breaking down a scene into a grid and using a zoom lens, rather than a wide angle, is the key. By doing so, each single section of the grid uses the full resolution of the camera. Back at the desk, powerful software and hardware merge the photographs into one very large digital file ready for the wall.

No longer is the viewer required to stand back to hide the missing detail behind our eyes’ acuity. With my prints, you can walk up close to see details within the details. You can spend time with the photograph to learn something new every day. You can feel like you are there with me.

See the Difference

Walk right up and see the detaiil.