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The Prints

Photographer Images Prints

The magic really happens when the digital photograph is printed so large that, at a distance, it fills your entire peripheral yet the detail unfurls as you walk closer. This requires superior materials and printmaking for which I’ve done extensive testing over the years.

The two print types I offer are truly the best on the planet. The main product, the low-reflective TruLife Acrylic Wall Print, is a sandwich of materials in front of and behind the archival, wide-gamut, continuous-tone print. These additional materials are for protection and structural stability. The Chromaluxe Metal Wall Print is a durable, colorful, and detailed presentation at a lower price-point available in gloss, semi-gloss, and matte finishes. Both product options arrive ready to hang with the necessary wall cleat mount which floats the photograph just under an inch off the wall.

Every print is made-to-order, can shipped directly to your home or work, or scheduled to be picked up in downtown Seattle near the stadiums. The sizes listed on each print were selected to give you an idea of pricing and can be customized to fit your home. A single print can be created up to a full 96 x 48” for acrylic and 60x40" for metal. Multiple prints can allow the print to span infinitely.

Shipping costs are additional to the pricing on this website. Contact me if you would like to get an estimate before purchase. Typical shipping costs are 10% of the print cost up to 40x30" and up to 20% for larger. However, multiple prints can fit into a crate to save on cost.

TruLife Acrylic Glass Print ChromaLuxe Metal Print
Color Epson premium gloss paper and HP high-gamut archival inkjet Inkjet sublimation transfer with standard color gamut
Longevity Archive paper, UV-filtering glass Strong permanence due to the ink embedded into the surface
Abrasion resistance High High
Reflectivity Low (<1.5% reflection) Matte, Semi-gloss, Gloss options
Resolution Super-great (300 dpi) Great (150 dpi)
Static buildup Static-free (no debris buildup on face) Static will accumulate dust/debris over time
Heat/H20 great for indoor environments Resists heat and moisture
Clean Soap and water w/ microfiber Soap and water w/ microfiber
Hang Rear aluminum frame + cleat Rear aluminum frame + cleat
Price $$$ $$

The TruLife Acrylic Wall Print

The TruView TruLife print is truely the top of the top when it comes to wall prints. The surface is scratch-resistant, static-free, and reflection-reducing. This glass protects the archive-quality print below and lets it shine through. The print mounts to the wall using an aluminum sub-frame that floats the surface 3/4" off the wall letting the drop shadows give the prentation depth.

••| The Front

Premium Acrylic Glass

To protect the print, a 1/8"-thick sheet of premium (unrivaled) TruLife® acrylic is adhered to the actual print. This glass features a non-reflective, scratch-resistant, anti-static (no dust) coating. Cleaning is as easy as soap and water. The non-reflectivity means that you are not staring at yourself when you view the print straight on. (see slider below for comparison to traditional acrylic glass print)

•|• The Middle


Archive-grade, museum-quality silver halide crystals developed using laser exposure. The results are a wide-gamut of colors, deep blacks and bright whites.

|•• The Back


A 1/8"-thick polyethylene core sandwiched by two outer layers of aluminum for structural rigidity.

Hang Time

Aluminum Wall Mount Hanger

A robust aluminum frame is mounted to the back, inset. This frame mates with a cleat you pre-mount to the wall. Simply lift the print up and over the cleat and let it drop into place.

The surface of the TruLife Acrylic is coated with several layers of oxides inside a vacuum chamber. This layer protects the acrylic from scratches and removes all static buildup. It also scatters incoming light to significantly reduce the coherence of reflections. This means you can look at the print without seeing your reflection. Nothing in the world matches the presentation quality of this acrylic. It's truely museum-ready.

The Chromaluxe Metal Wall Print

•| Glossy Surface

Dye-Sublimination fused into rigid surface

The process starts with an inkject print that is placed over the metal then super-heated to transfer the ink into the special coating on the aluminum. The result is a very durable, colorful, and detailed print at just .045″/1.14mm thick. A rear aluminum frame floats the print 1" off the wall attached to a simple wall cleat.

Hang Time

Aluminum Wall Mount Hanger

A solid aluminum frame on the back side of the print is used to keep the print rigid, to float the print 1" off the wall, and to drop onto a simple aluminum wall cleat you pre-level on the wall.