Teton Mountains from Schwabacher Landing

Teton Mountains from Schwabacher Landing

by Sean Hoyt

There's a high chance you've see the Teton Mountains from Schwabacher Landing in one form or another. This spot is not too far down a dusty dirt road off the main highway north of Moose, Wyoming and the area is full of lush grass and trees with a nice river to reflect the mountain range to the West. 

I woke at 4am and headed out from Teton Village and made it to the turnoff a few minutes before the first signs of morning light. It was late summer with mild temperatures just before the snow would rolled in. I remember the area being cool, crisp and quiet with the sound of a river nearby.

I didn't stray too far from the little parking lot and set up at the river's edge. As the sun rose and lit up the peaks, I pulled out my Nikon D3 (12MP) with 70-200mm F/2.8 lens. I zoomed in quite a bit and began shooting photos of sections of the scene. Later, at the computer, I stitched two rows of images (16 total photographs) into one large resolution final result. 

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